Learning from the Experts

Writing from the perspective of a college student, it’s always refreshing to get outside information from additional sources such as the seminar presentation that we received from Mike Arbogast, an employee at Interaction Media in Morgantown, WV. Mike was able to give our class a real life scenario of what is like to actually work in the marketing world and how to approach working with clients.

I feel that the biggest thing that I personally took away from his presentation was how to directly handle working one on one with a client and how to get to know them to be able to create and design what they envision for their business or even how to help them create a presence in the marketing world if they have no clue what they want to do. This is extremely important because of the fact that it helps to show your client that you are knowledgable and experienced in your profession and will help you to gain their trust. Trust is so important with the client/employer relationship because of the simple fact that if there is no trust then how will they be able to work together? It’s not possible. The client needs to be able to trust¬†that you’re going to get the job done for them because of the fact that they are paying you to give them what they ask for.

Transitioning now from Mike’s presentation now to how my team is going to put this into action with our own client and the marketing plan that we are going to put together for them. Mike spoke a lot about how when you are putting together a marketing plan for a client, it is a lot like creating a blueprint for building a house. For our marketing blueprint that we create, it is going include a variety of different things such as:

  • Setting expectations for our beginning plan
  • Give everyone a layout of how we plan to stay on track and stay on the same page
  • Our plan/blueprint will hold us accountable for what we plan to do
  • Reduce our “scope-creep” so that we can focus on getting done what our clients want us to focus on overall

All of these factors will be brought up and discussed of course during what Mike called a “Discovery Meeting”. Discovery meaning that this is where we get the chance to help paint a better picture for the client of what we plan to do for them and to have them help us ultimately help them to create a new look for the company. During the meeting we will discuss their goals, where they would like to be at, what they consider the customer personas or Mona Lisa customers to be so that it gives us a better understanding of where we need to be putting our work into action. Online marketing is a big area that a lot of companies want to have their business advertised on because of the fact that we are living in a digital world now where a lot of things are done online and therefore online advertising will attract a lot of people, especially the younger generations of people.

Overall, a lot I would definitely say that I learned a lot of positive things that I will definitely utilize when it comes time for my team to interact with our own client and I think it is safe to say that we have a lot of helpful information under our belts to take a step in the right directly to help create an awesome marketing blueprint for them.




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