NFL Ratings Drop Affects Advertising

I grew up somewhere where football wasn’t necessarily something that I knew much about, I knew the basics but not enough to understand how big of a deal watching a game on t.v. here in the United States could be. With that being said, I know enough to understand how big of an effect the drop in ratings is causing for companies that take advantage of NFL air time to run their advertisements.

The drop in ratings was something that the broadcasting company saw coming but they had no idea that it was going to be as serious as what it has turned out to be. Forbes magazine talks about how the drop was so bad that the broadcasting company plans to reimburse advertisers for this. On the positive side of this advertising companies won’t suffer from a loss on the cost for air time, but on the negative side they suffer from not having their ads being put out their for people to see, which potentially could result in a loss of business due to the fact that consumers won’t get to see what companies are offering through their ads. Business Insider also is able to confirm that the NFL and their major broadcasting partners will be losing at least $200 million or more due to having to pay back partnering advertising companies along with the loss of viewers for their networks.

After reviewing ratings for different broadcasting channels, Sports Media Watch was able to compare and contrast the vast range of percentages that viewer ratings have decreased or increased since the start of the 2017-2018 NFL season. It is clear that larger networks such as CBS and FOX are the networks that are losing viewers, which means companies that decide to run their ads on these more popular channels are losing out advertising opportunities.

A recent article wrote by Michael McCarthy from SportingNews talks about how on average per week viewing ratings drop by 7% a week when it comes to the amount of people actually tuning in to watch an NFL game. That includes all Sunday afternoon/evening, Monday evening and Thursday evening games. The unfortunate outcome from this is the fact that these companies and the NFL itself are not getting the exposure that they typically would which costs a lot of people and places money and time. People are trying to make a connection as to why these ratings are dropping so drastically, (which of course we all know the real reason as to why so many are deciding to not sit down and watch the game but I won’t go into detail about it) USA Today being one of many places trying to piece together that connection.

As unfortunate as this whole situation with the NFL is, it is something that all the people affected by this are going to have to adapt to and try to find a way to get past it. I feel as if it will eventually get back on track but it is of course going to take a while. In the mean time, unfortunately a lot of companies and networks are going to suffer from the loss of potential to reach out to any and all people who make the decision not to tune into any NFL games.


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