Final Project Brief

Throughout the past 4 months, our Advertising and PR class has been split into groups to work on our individual marketing campaigns for our assigned companies. The company that my group was assigned to work with was GoMart, a gas and convenience store company based out of Gassaway, WV.

In early September, my team and I sat down with the Director of Marketing at GoMart, Terry Smith, to discuss what her situation and the things she wanted us to put together for our final presentation in December. She explained to us that GoMart’s biggest challenge was trying to figure out a way to increase the in store foot traffic from members of Generation Z, but they wanted to stick with their “hometown feel” vibe. Terry gave our team a budget of $25,000 to work with, but if she decided that she really liked our pitch, she agreed to extend it to $50,000. After collecting our notes from her, we began to do extensive research to try and get a better overall understanding of this generation.

We used a program called Commspoint to identify or target audience and to break them down to better define them as a whole. Some of the main characteristics that we found out were as follows:

  • Age 18-23yrs
  • Full time/Part time student
  • Education level (i.e. high school degree, college degree)
  • People looking for work, Full time/Part time workers
  • Annual Income level
  • People who own a car

Now having this information, we could move forward to increasing our knowledge about GoMart as a whole. We then took our information from GoMart and combined it with what we knew about Generation Z, and that allowed us to come up with 3 area’s that we thought GoMart could implement into their marketing department. Our main touchpoint that we thought would benefit GoMart most were:


Geo-Fencing is an online software where you can select geographical regions by tracking people’s phone when they enter the selected area. For weeks after they enter the zone, they will see advertisements and deals from Go-Mart on any app they open on their phones. We plan on putting a zone around high schools and college campuses in order to increase impressions on Generation Z to give a better Brand Image for Go-Mart. We also want to put a fence around their competitors like Sheetz and other gas stations/convenience stores. By doing this, we hope that they see the ads of Go-Mart and see the appeal of Go-Mart over their competitors that they might not have much loyalty towards to begin with. In Buckhannon, we plan on putting a fence around WVWC as well as around Buckhannon-Upshur High School. That way we get the local young generations to see Go-Mart all the time. We also plan on putting a fence around the competitors in town on Speedway and Sheetz. We feel that this is the best way to get more traffic in Go-Mart for Generation Z.

Digital Billboard

We plan on renting out a local billboard around West Virginia Wesleyan College on North Locust Street by the Donut Shop. One of our classmate’s father owns a billboard company and offered to put an ad on that particular billboard for free for one month. However, we plan on renting it out for 6 months. The billboard will cost $500/month for an 8 second slot that will end up playing a couple 100 times a day. We feel that this could generate a lot of impressions especially when college students are returning to school in early January and late August, as well as Thanksgiving and Spring breaks. With these impressions, we believe that students will become more aware of Go-Mart, thus increasing in store traffic.

Social Media

There are two really big social media platforms that young people from Generation Z use, Instagram and Twitter. We looked through both of those accounts and they have a very strong presence on Instagram. But, on Twitter, the presence is very poor. We suggest that they really pick up their Twitter presence. People tend to pay more attention to ads on Twitter rather than Instagram.

After looking into all of these different marketing techniques, we ended up coming in under budget at $24,000, leaving $1,000 from our original maximum budget. Had our budget been extended to the $50,000 of course we would have then had an additional $26,000 to work with which could have been a great benefit and would have allowed us to do a lot more work. Overall, I believe that my team did a fantastic job at covering the areas that Terry wanted us to look into for her, and I believe that our physical marketing pitch presentation went extremely well too. The past 4 months were a lot of hard work but in my opinion it truly did pay off.


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