Number of Ads in a Day

For this blog post, our assignment was to observe the amount of advertisements that we see in one day, which if you are a pretty observant person that potentially could be a lot (unless you don’t get out that much). Regardless of that, with taking the time to actually make sure to look out for different kinds of ads out in public, I was able to identify a variety of different ads that ranged from pop up ads on my laptop to driving past billboards on the highway as well as email ads from places that I’ve previously shopped at.

The first type of advertising that I would say that I saw most frequently during the day was pop up shopping ads online. Being a business student I use my computer pretty frequently during the day, as well as just for homework purposes. A lot of the pop up shopping ads that I noticed pretty often though were I had been briefly browsing on the online Nike website for a pair of potential new soccer cleats a few days prior to me starting to look out for ads. It seemed as if every time I opened a new website on the internet that a pop up ad would appear on the right hand side of my screen flashing through a few varieties of Nike cleats, as well as some of their other apparel on their online website. After keeping track of how many ads of this type that I encountered it totaled to a final 37 ads in one day, that was both between my iPhone and Mac computer.

The next popular form of ads that I encountered in a day was email ads. Typically when you order something online the company will strategically ask you to input your email during the ordering process as a tactic to be able to pest you to no end with future ads on what else they have to offer as far as products and services go. The last time I bought something online was from, which is an online fashion site that main just sells shoes but also sells other clothing items.  On average I receive 1-2 emails a day or every other day from this company alone. After totaling together email ads that I received from not only this company but other retailers, I received 22 emails in one day between 2 email accounts that I actively use.

I ended up doing this ad count on a day that I really didn’t get out much, only to really go to classes and then to the dining hall for meals. Some advertising that I saw on campus were posters for different clubs or organizations here at Wesleyan. I total counted about 16 posters between the buildings that I went into that day. So overall, I didn’t see as much as I probably would have if I was out in the city driving or at least walking off campus, for considering that I didn’t really leave my dorm room a lot that day I interacted with a fair amount.


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