About Me

Hey, I’m Hannah! I’m 19 year’s old, born and raised Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I’m a Business Administration major and also a double minor in Marketing and Criminal Justice at West Virginia Wesleyan College. A lot of people tend to ask me what someone from Canada is doing in Buckhannon, West Virginia. Well, I was recruited as an athlete and I’m now a member of the Lady Bobcats Women’s Soccer program at Wesleyan.


Alright so here are some fun facts about me:

I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with friends and family, (that is when I’m not totally busy with sports and school). What a lot of people don’t know about me is that when I’m not training or in school, I become a bit of a tomboy when it comes to the outdoors. I love doing things like fishing, camping, building things. Basically anything that you would think that the man of the house is responsible for, I like to do it.



I love to travel. I may be a Canadian girl at heart but there is so much more of this world that I want to explore. I have travelled to 8 different countries in my life (so far, still want to go see more!). Being an international student, I think that one of the greatest decisions that I’ve made was going to another country to study. Even though I didn’t go halfway across the world, movie to the States to get an education has aloud me to learn a lot not just about the country but also about its culture and differences from home. Travel allows you to learn new things and become less ignorant to other cultures.




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